Eye Hope Foundation

The ladies of Sint-Bavo support our battle against Wolfram Syndrome

Although the schoolgates have been closed and holidays have allready started for over a week, we received some good news from Lauren Amez. The retorica-ball of St. Bavo humanities in Ghent was a great success.


These young ladies have made a nice win with their annual ball, so they can support 6 charities in the fight that each of them carries. Among the 6 charities, the Eye Hope Foundation was chosen by the members of the ballcommittee.

Of course we are honored to be chosen as one of the 6 charities.

We are also very pleased to see that the 'youth of today' has the heart in the right place and that they can give hope to so many people with the returns of their ball.

Thank you very much to every one involved in organising this beautifull event!



The Norwegian Jumble sale was a great success!

The Jumble Sale organised by Victor's class was a big success.

They collected 15 683 kroner (1650€)! Thanks to everybody who helped and special thanks to Jacqueline Schulze. Thank you Jackie for showing Victor that everything is possible with hard work and dedication. The sky is the limit! Thank you for standing by his side throughout the whole year! You will be in our hearts forever.

Thanks Kate, Ellen, Nicole , Ingvild and Nina for all the help.

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