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Hope makes you sing - concert

On sunday the 19th of november 2017 you can join our "hope-makes-you-sing-concert", for Victor and Bertha! 

On this special night, you can enjoy Ann Bogonjon in Concert together with her musical friends: 

- at the pianoforte: Jonathan D'Hondt, Anzegem
- singer: Nicola Vigna, Marke, ánd Ann Borgonjon, Abosongs
- cello: Michiel Dutré, Sinaai
- saxophone: Louis Vanderhaeghen, Waarschoot
- cross flute: Nathalie Bosch, Zellik
- trumpet: Freddy Vandewalle, Gullegem
- presentation: Ann Sophie Boulez , Waarschoot

Kaarten: via ann@abosongs

With great thanks to Ann Borgonjon of Abosongs, organiser of this beautifull event, for her support in to our battle against Wolfram Syndrome!


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