Eye Hope Foundation

Maldegem Ment for Eye Hope Foundation

"Maldegem ment for Eye Hope" For the second time.

On Sunday the 30th of Septembre 2018 the city of Maldegem is turned into a real horse-and-carriage-city.

Again the Eye Hope Foundation can count on the organisation of "Maldegem ment" to support the research into the rare Wolfram syndrome.

The program will follow soon.


Info: maldegemment@hotmail.com



Expo Eyeopener

With her brother, Bertha thought of a plan to draw faces and then selling them for Eye Hope Foundation. With the gathered funds they wanted to help the scientific research on Wolfram Syndrome. 

EyeOpener is the result of their idea.

What if ... we invited a lot of children to make drawings, so we can make an exposition of those drawings? 

EyeOpener, is an exposition of artwork by famous artists and of drawings by children between 6 en 14 years old.

The theme of this exposition is "Distorted faces”, because Bertha sees things differently...



What to do? 

Kids between 6 and 14 years old can make a drawing in the theme “distorted faces". 

The dimensions as well as the used materials are free to choose. These drawings will be shown at our the exposition 'EyeOpener' and will be sold in favor of Eye Hope Foundation. The drawings and the participationform can be sent to:

Postbus  65, 2140 Borgerhout, Belgium

Before Friday 16the of february 2018.

Digital sent drawings are not accepted, only the fysical drawings will be exposed.




Come and visit our Expo “distorted faces“ during the weekend of the 3rd and 4th of march2018. 

You can have a drink in our temporary bar at the "Wintertuin" of the Academie of Antwerp. 

Visitinghours 11 AM - 5 PM.

Ticket to visit the expo is 5€. 

The artpieces are for sale, all revenues will go to the scientific research on Wolfram Syndrome.

Let's give Bertha, Victor and all others suffering from Wolfram syndrome new hope.

Contest rules


Indoor Skimathon in Aspen

Bertha is an enthousiastic skier and a Snowpluskids. When Snowplus learned that Bertha was diagnosed with Wolfram syndrome, they decided to contribute sportively to the Eye Hope Foundation. They came up with the idea of ​​organizing a real Skimathon. The Skimathon is an indoor ski-event that will take place on December 16, 2017 at the new indoor ski slope Aspen in Wilrijk. There are various activities organized on the slopes such as ski lessons, a freestyle camp, ..

In addition to the slopes, you can enjoy a wintersportsfair and finish in style with an après-ski party !!

We thank SNOWPLUS and the brand new indoor ski slope Aspen for their support in our fight!




'Wieder weetnt' is organising a quiz for Eye Hope

On fryday the 8th of december team 'Wieder weetn't' organises the 2nd general knowledge quiz in Beselare, Belgium in favour of the scientific research on Wolfram Syndrome. 
The doors and the bar open at 7 pm - the quiz starts at 8 pm

Location: De Leege Platse, Geluwestraat 10-12, Beselare

For information and registration, you can send an e-mail to tibnvkatrien@skynet.be. 
Participating: 20€ per team (min. 4 people / max. 6 people per team)


Hope makes you sing - concert

On sunday the 19th of november 2017 you can join our "hope-makes-you-sing-concert", for Victor and Bertha! 

On this special night, you can enjoy Ann Bogonjon in Concert together with her musical friends: 

- at the pianoforte: Jonathan D'Hondt, Anzegem
- singer: Nicola Vigna, Marke, ánd Ann Borgonjon, Abosongs
- cello: Michiel Dutré, Sinaai
- saxophone: Louis Vanderhaeghen, Waarschoot
- cross flute: Nathalie Bosch, Zellik
- trumpet: Freddy Vandewalle, Gullegem
- presentation: Ann Sophie Boulez , Waarschoot

Kaarten: via ann@abosongs

With great thanks to Ann Borgonjon of Abosongs, organiser of this beautifull event, for her support in to our battle against Wolfram Syndrome!


Barnedisko in Porsgrunn

Do not miss this fantastic party! 

Saturday activity for children aged 4-12 years (children under 6 must be accompanied by an adult).

We have a DJ, nice children's music, coffee and cake. You can dance and play all afternoon.

Place to be: The gym of Telemark International school, Hovet Ring 7, Porsgrunn, Norway



Trio Alanci is composed by Cintha Van den Bulcke (flauto traaverso), An Vanbeckevoort (viola da gamba) and Alex Coucke (organ and harpsichord). These three musicians found each other in the academy of Gentbrugge, de “Kunstbrug”. They usualy bring concerts that are built around one theme, as the music from the Netherlands, Telemann or like this year's French Baroque music.

The Saint-Adrianuschurch in Adegem, Belgium, will be the play of their organ concert on sunday the 15th of October at 15u30. The concert is in favor of the scientific research on Wolfram Syndrome. 

Tickets: 10€ presale  12€ at the door -  Familyticket: 25€ (parents and resident children)

Reservation: johandekesel@hotmail.com  -  050/712802  -  0468/184619 or

By payment on: BE 83 7512 0554 0515 please mention your name, adres and the number of tickets. 

Your tickets will be ready at the entrance.