Eye Hope Foundation

Hope makes you sing - concert

On sunday the 19th of november 2017 you can join our "hope-makes-you-sing-concert", for Victor and Bertha! 

On this special night, you can enjoy Ann Bogonjon in Concert together with her musical friends: 

- at the pianoforte: Jonathan D'Hondt, Anzegem
- singer: Nicola Vigna, Marke, ánd Ann Borgonjon, Abosongs
- cello: Michiel Dutré, Sinaai
- saxophone: Louis Vanderhaeghen, Waarschoot
- cross flute: Nathalie Bosch, Zellik
- trumpet: Freddy Vandewalle, Gullegem
- presentation: Ann Sophie Boulez , Waarschoot

Kaarten: via ann@abosongs

With great thanks to Ann Borgonjon of Abosongs, organiser of this beautifull event, for her support in to our battle against Wolfram Syndrome!


Barnedisko in Porsgrunn

Do not miss this fantastic party! 

Saturday activity for children aged 4-12 years (children under 6 must be accompanied by an adult).

We have a DJ, nice children's music, coffee and cake. You can dance and play all afternoon.

Place to be: The gym of Telemark International school, Hovet Ring 7, Porsgrunn, Norway


Choose Eye Hope Foundation during 'The Warmest week' by Stu Bru

Our Eye Hope Foundation has been selected as one of the good causes for 'The Warmest week'. That is a charityevent organised bij Studio Brussel, Belgium en it takes place at the end of december every year. 

Organise an activity yourself in 'the warmest week', choose our Eye Hope Foundation and help us fight against Wolfram Syndrome. 

If you can not put up an activity, please join one of the activities below en support their dedication to our foundation. 

Let us supporty the scientific research in Wolfram Syndrome together. Lets insure that this will be the very warmest week ever!! 

1) Flemisch gouvernment - MOW - deparment Geotechnics is having a soupaction. 
Every day fresh soup is served! Be quick, because for now every day the soup was sold out at 11 am. You can have the soup is a cool personalised cup. The soup-event ends with a stew-afternoon sponsored by some colleague's.


2) Sylvie-Anne Ombregt is making en selling stylish candleholders 'A cup for life'. 

3) The village of Adegem shows it's warmest hart during 'AOIGEMS VIER' on the 23rd  and the 24th of december. 
start : 09:00 - end : ??
Aoigems breakfast / lunch : warm ham/ cake and coffee
Concerts by : Verenigde Vrienden Adegem / Canticorum / Tim& Thomas
Amani Bukavu : as a carpenter Luc Savat takes his kownledge and materials to a school in Bukavu.