Eye Hope Foundation

Soroptimisten Eeklo stepping into the breach for Wolfram Syndrome

Earlier this week, Marianne Vandekerckhove (Moesjie of Victor), gave some explanation to serviceclub Soroptimisten from Eeklo / Meetjesland. 

It was a very fine evening with a interesting and fascinating audience! 

On top of the bill we received a beautifull donation of 1000 € to support the scientific research on Wolfram Syndrome.

Thanks to all the Soroptimists who helped to make this possible. 


Sint-Angela institute Tildonk supports Eye Hope Foundation

A little while ago we were contacted by the students of 4 Business Education from Sint-Angela institute Tildonk. With their mini-company they want to learn the tricks of the trade and in the meanwhile they want to support our fund aswell.

Of course we are very proud of those young people and are very thankfull of their support in the fight against Wolfram syndrome.

The pictures of their waffle sale can be found here.