Eye Hope Foundation

Together we are strong!

Eye Hope Foundation is proud to announce that we have decided to join forces with Stephan Goovaerts and Sophie Recour in our efforts to raise awairness and find a cure for Wolfram Syndrome. The daughter of Stephan and Sophie, Bertha (10), has recently been diagnosed with Wolfram Syndrome and just like us they would like to turn this very painful news into something positive and fight for a cure. They will become a part of the steering commitee of Eye Hope Foundation and will actively be involved in our fundraising efforts.

Please support our fight by donating in the account of the King Baudouin Foundation : IBAN: BE10  0000 0000 0404   - BIC : BPOTBEB1 - Please mention ***016/0630/00037***. All donations of 40€ and more, made in Belgium, are tax deductible. Donations from abroad, are equaly tax deductible when made through 'transnational giving'. 


Researchers launch first clinical trial for Wolfram syndrome

The drug dantrolene is a muscle relaxant approved to treat patients with cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and muscle spasticity. Recent research also suggests it can prevent the destruction of insulin-secreting beta cells in animal models of Wolfram syndrome. Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis are beginning a clinical trial to assess the drug as a treatment for patients with Wolfram syndrome.

Washington University of medicine